Brett Whiteley Matchsticks Brooch Set : Sterling Silver

Set of 2 Match stick pins

written by Brett Whiteley

Art Gallery of NSW & Pushmataaha | ISBN 9316521022256


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Matchstick brooch set in polished 925 sterling silver with black and red enamel match heads.


Brett Whiteley is one of Australia’s greatest artists, whose work encompasses painting, sculpture and the graphic arts.
His celebrated sculpture of two supersized matchsticks, one waiting for ignition, the other burnt and extinguished, prompts meditations on life and death, light and darkness.
Titled Almost once, the work was first conceived in 1968 whilst Whiteley was living in New York. It has since been made into sculptures of various scales, including the monolithic version mounted outside the Art Gallery of New South Wales constructed in 1991.
The artist said the sculpture’s imagery was a perfect allegory of life’s many contrary forces: ‘Life, death, yes, no, right, wrong, up, down, do, don’t – every option you can imagine.’

Artist: Brett Whiteley