Nanoblock Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sites to See Series

nanoblock™ | ISBN 4972825201565


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A Sydney treasure, the Harbour Bridge is rendered here in teeny weeny blocks - the perfect Australian gift for lovers of architecture, engineering, and crossing large spans of water.

*It is not recommended to attempt to climb the nanoblock Sydney Harbour Bridge!

With between 200-550 blocks, each nanoblock™ Site To See takes between 20-60 minutes to complete

nanoblock™ is a revolutionary Japanese invention that brings block building to a scale never seen before. The smaller the blocks, the greater the detail. Average block size is 4mm x 4mm. Each set comes with instructions that create a range of tiny animals, miniature musical instruments and architectural landmarks from around the world.

For anyone who enjoys a challenge, puzzles, games or building, nanoblock™ is the must have gift and desk accessory!

nanoblock™ have proved to be great gift options for kids and teenagers over the age of 8 years, as well as the kid inside every adult. A huge amount of nanoblock™ builders are aged 25+. Both boys and girls love building with nanoblock and there are at least a few models that appeal to every personality.