The Artist and the Scientists

Bringing Prehistory to Life

written by Thomas H Rich, Peter Trusler, Patricia Vickers-Rich

Cambridge University Press | ISBN 9780521162999

Paperback – 320 pages


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This book presents the extraordinary lives and works of the eminent paleontologists Patricia Vickers-Rich and Tom Rich, and Peter Trusler, one of the finest artists of scientific realism Australia has produced. Over more than thirty years, Patricia, Tom and Peter have travelled across Eastern Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, Australia and New Zealand in search of the remains of early life, including fish, dinosaurs, birds and mammals. Their successful expeditions, and the many publications and exquisite artworks that have ensued, are a testament to their scientific methodology, thirst for knowledge and eye for detail. The book follows the development of selected works of art covering the last 600 million years of the geological record. The reader is given a unique insight into the process of preserving and recording the evolution of prehistoric life, reported from the viewpoints of both scientist and artist.