500 Self-Portraits

written by Julian Bell

Phaidon Press | ISBN 9780714875958

Paperback – 528 pages


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A new version of a Phaidon classic published in 1937, this evocative and fascinating book, now issued as a paperback, presents 500 of the world's greatest self-portraits, arranged in a simple chronological sequence from ancient times to the late twentieth century. 'The mirror, above all the mirror is our teacher,' wrote Leonardo da Vinci. Portraits are an endless source of fascination, responding as they do to the basic human impulse to look at faces and try to see into the character behind them. Self-portraits have the added fascination that comes from looking into the mirror and trying to study one's own face. This book presents an uninterrupted sequence of 500 self-portraits in chronological order from ancient Egypt to the late twentieth century. Included here are powerful and evocative works by many of the world's greatest painters and sculptors, including Durer, Rembrandt, Picasso and Andy Warhol. Each image is both a work of art and a study in psychology and self-perception. Presented without commentary, these works speak for themselves - a compelling collection for every student of art and human nature.