Young Michelangelo

A Biography

written by John T Spike

Gerald Duckworth Co. | ISBN 9780715643020

Paperback – 336 pages


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A long-awaited and authoritative reinterpretation of the early life and career of arguably the greatest artist in history. Author John T. Spike surveys Michelangelo's early life from birth to his early thirties, probing the thinking, artistic evolution and yearnings of a young man thoroughly convinced of his own exceptional talent. Spike explores Michelangelo's involvement in the most troubling controversies of his age and recreates Florence and Rome with vivid sketches of Lorenzo the Magnificent, Leonardo, Julius II and Machiavelli. This is a prodigiously informative and compelling account that will fulfill the need for a major Michelangelo biography for this generation and many to come.

Artist: Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni