The Stylemakers

Classic Modernist Design 1915-1945

written by Mo Amelia Teitelbaum

Philip Wilson Publishers | ISBN 9780856677038

Hardback – 264 pages


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In Paris in the 1920's a new style was born, rejecting the embellishments of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, it allied the linear proportions of late eighteenth-century furniture to a twentieth-century perception, paring down superfluous detail to the essence of classic modernism. The ostensible creation of iconic interior decorator Jean-Michel Frank, the new style owed much to a circle of South American collectors and patrons, including Eugenia Errázuriz, a lifelong friend of Picasso, Stravinsky. This new study documents how their interchange of partners and ideas led to innovation in every field of the arts. It is packed with fresh material and original insights on artists such as Man Ray, John Singer Sargent and Diaghilev.