Kamisaka Sekka Dawn of Modern Japanese Design

written by Khanh Trinh

Art Gallery of NSW | ISBN 9781741740776

Paperback – 192 pages



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This beautiful book brings to light one of the most important designers of the early twentieth century.
Kamisaka Sekka (1866–1942) revived the quintessential Japanese artistic tradition of Rinpa – practised from the late 1500s into the 1700s when Kyoto was the country’s capital and cultural centre – creating a distinctive language for Japanese design in the modern industrial and consumer age. With subjects including birds, flowers and scenes from classical literature, Sekka blurred the boundary between art and craft with his delicate yet bold designs for textiles, lacquerware, ceramics and furnishings.
Through over 320 illustrations you will discover the work of Kamisaka Sekka as well as early Rinpa masters Hon’ami Kōetsu, Tawaraya Sōtatsu, Ogata Kōrin and Sakai Hōitsu, and contemporary artists and designers influenced by Rinpa such as Ai Yamaguchi, Tarō Yamamoto and Akira Isogawa

Artist: Kamisaka Sekka