Ways of Looking : How to Experience Contemporary Art

written by Ossian Ward

Laurence King Publishing | ISBN 9781780671932

Paperback – 176 pages


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Art has changed. Those reassuringly familiar styles and movements that characterised art production prior to the twenty-first century have all vanished. Traditional artistic media no longer do what we expect of them. This book provides a straightforward, six-step programme for understanding contemporary art based on the concept of the tabula rasa – a clean slate and a fresh mind. Since artists increasingly work across traditional media and genres, the author has also developed an alternative classification system – ‘Art as Entertainment’, ‘Art as Confrontation’, ‘Art as Joke’ – designed to help make sense of otherwise obscure-seeming works. Ways of Looking transforms a potentially intimidating encounter with cuttingedge contemporary art into a dramatic, sensually rewarding and thoughtprovoking experience.