A Closer Look

written by Erika Langmuir

Yale University Press | ISBN 9781857094855

Paperback – 96 pages

Part of the A Closer Look series.


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Formerly part of the popular Pocket Guides series, Allegory is published in a new edition as A Closer Look, with many beautiful reproductions. This informative guide helps readers understand the language of allegory within Western painting - be it from the National Gallery, London, or from other collections. When we say that 'Love is blind' or 'Time flies' we are using the language of allegory. Painters have long relied on allegory to create 'message pictures'. Once thought to rival literary works or political oratory in influence and prestige, such paintings and their references (to ancient myth, the Bible or astrology) often puzzle modern viewers. This book explains types of visual allegory in Western art, and the contexts in which they were originally created and viewed.