written by Xavier F Solomon

National Gallery Company | ISBN 9781857095531

Hardback – 272 pages


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Paolo Veronese (1528–1588) was a famed artist of the Renaissance, whose works were admired for their rich colours and mastery of theatrical narrative. His paintings ranged from decorative fresco schemes and portraits to allegorical, biblical, and historical subjects, produced for an aristocratic audience.

This definitive reappraisal of Veronese is a fascinating account of painting and patronage in sixteenth-century Venice. Veronese’s career is surveyed from its beginnings in Verona, where his style was developed shaped by the rediscovery of antiquity, to Venice, where he established a successful workshop. Salomon illuminates the original function of his pictures, many of them designed for specific locations. Generous illustrations reveal the distinctive tactile qualities of Veronese’s technique and the beauty of his palette, whether rendering rich textiles, precious metals or female complexions.

Artist: Paolo Veronese