Barbara Rae Prints

written by Andrew Lambirth

Royal Academy of Arts | ISBN 9781910350072

Paperback – 160 pages


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Barbara Rae is renowned for her vivid, expressionistic paintings and graphic works. This first comprehensive study of Rae’s prints, new in paperback, celebrates the art of one of Britain’s most gifted and original printmakers. In the book Andrew Lambirth charts Rae’s development as a printmaker, from her early experiments at Edinburgh College of Art, through her focus on monotypes and the motifs that shape her personal vocabulary, to her recent collaboration with Coriander Studios. In particular, the volume reveals Rae’s unwavering commitment to printmaking as an independent medium, and her continued experimentation with its methods and materials. Commentaries from the master printers with whom Rae has worked offer a fascinating insight into her practice, while the artist’s own observations reveal the important relationship between her printmaking and her painting.

Artist: Barbara Rae