Ingo Mittelstaedt


written by Ursula Schondeling

Verlag Scheidegger & Spiess | ISBN 9783858813589

Paperback – 72 pages


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The German artist Ingo Mittelstaedt explores in his work the possibilities of using photography as means in creating light-art. Models made from paper or foil, found materials and everyday objects are the pieces of his carefully composed arrangements. These installations condense into abstract, deceptive images with two- and three-dimensional elements. "Ingo Mittelstaedt - Pictorial" presents two of Mittelstaedt's most recent series. In "Chromas", the use of colour is a key element. The adoption of theories and concepts from chromatics and the theory of colours, refers to classical modernist painting and its use of colour, space and line. By contrast, the black and white images of "Anonymous" make the depicted objects appear to hover in a non-space. Closeness and three-dimensionality of the objects stand against intangibility of space. Text in English and German.

Artist: Ingo Mittelstaedt