Arts of Viet Nam 1009-1945

written by Kerry Nguyen-Long

The Gioi Publishers | ISBN 9786047705986

Paperback – 301 pages


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Arts of Viet Nam 1009-1945 by Kerry Nguyen-Long is a first book on the development of the arts of Viet Nam across the dynastic era, and a first to deal with the arts of Viet Nam from north to south. This English language publication fulfils the need for a book on a long neglected subject and cuts across entrenched and outdated views. With over 300 illustrations it presents the arts from a fresh perspective, covering:

o Architecture
o Sculpture
o Stone and Woodcarvings
o Metalcrafts
o Lacquercraft
o Furniture
o Ceramics
o Inlay work
o Woodblock Printing
o Painting
o and more

The author has a long connection with Viet Nam and has been writing on its arts for several decades. Since 1999 she has been a contributing editor of the international bi-monthly magazine Arts of Asia, published in Hong Kong, and in which she writes on the arts of Viet Nam. Her writings also feature in books, arts magazines, museum catalogues, and journals.