Domain Theatre specifications

The Domain Theatre has been designed to accommodate lectures, forums and film screenings. It is extremely limited as a performance venue.


  • 3.3 metres by 13.95 metres wide, 0.6 metres high
  • Stairs inset into stage are 1.1 metres wide (there is a set of steps at either end), reducing the usable width of the front of the stage to 11.75 metres


  • Up to 11 metres wide
  • Distance from glass inside bio box to screen: 24.921 metres
  • Maximum height: 4 metres. Various screen ratios available through movable masks
  • 16mm standard: 3710 × 5030
  • Floor to pelmet above screen: 5.6 metres


  • 24-channel Allen & Heath mixing desk, stereo output split between cinema sound and public address (ie two-channel rather than true stereo)
  • A range of high-quality mics available, including 3 radio mic channels with hand-held or lapel
  • DVD / CD and cassette tape


  • DVD, Blu-ray, S-VHS & VHS with sound patched into house PA
  • Hard drive for digital presentations at both bio box and front of house
  • Christie HD M 10K Roadster – 10 000 ansi lumens


  • 2 × 35mm cine projectors
  • 2 × 16mm pedestal projectors with up to 3-hour reel
  • 2 Xenon arc lamp 35mm slide projectors controllable from lectern


  • Dimmer-controlled house lights
  • Stage lighting Jands Event 408 24-channel lighting desk patched to climbing truss for suspended Selecon and Fresnel spots (pre-rigging is essential)


  • Analogue Way 'Octo Vue’ 8 x channel seamless switcher
  • AMX Axcess Control System ADF-BP (1972)


  • Connection is available, on request