Mike Parr

(Australia 1945 – )

Cart Corpse

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This film also derived from the Hobart performance of 'Cartesian Corpse' but draws on different footage during the performance. This is the last two hours of Gotaro's footage on 16mm transferred to digital. As Parr wrote when making the work

"The last two hours should also, like the first ten minutes, be split off as a separate work, because in every respect its peculiar transformative spontaneity, its relief if you like, shows that human beings, Godot like, will always cobble a kind of entertainment out of anything. Lisa, Xavier, Elizabeth and I were all convulsed by this. It's the perfect counterpoint to the by now habitual reception of my work."

Time-based media, Video
HDV video, 16:9 ratio, colour, sound, 2 hours
Gift of the artist 2011. Donated through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program
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© Mike Parr
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