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Jingdezhen ware

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Tea bowl

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Tea bowl with poem by Emperor Qianlong
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Script surrounding the bowl reads:
'The colour of plum blossoms is lovely;
The 'Buddha's fingers' is fragrant and pure.
The taste of the pine seeds is delicious;
These three are rare good things;
They are prepared in a cauldron
And enriched with a basket of snow.
The way in which the water boils shows the strength of the fire;
The steam now appears and now vanishes.
The beverage for the Immortals is poured into a Yue bowl,
Whilst the Buddhist teachings are discussed in a humble cottage.
The five attributes - form, perception, consciousness, action and knowledge -
Can be understood but cannot be easily explained.
The fragrant and delicious drink is clear;
It will be admired as a piece of brocade.
Wu Quan may be still taking it;
Lin Pu would like it in his time.
I am disinclined to mention the tea of Zhaozhou,
Smiling at the eccentricities of Yuchuan.
I listen to the water clock in the cold night,
With the old moon looking like a jade crescent hanging in the sky.
Having drunk wine after the affairs of state,
I take an endless interest in writing verses.

Written by the Emperor Qianlong (AD 1711-1799) in the 10th month of the cyclical year Pingyin (13 November - 11 December, 1746)

'Late Chinese Imperial Porcelain', AGNSW, 1980, pg.54

Place of origin
Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, China
China: Qing dynasty 1644–1911, Qianlong 1736–1795
porcelain with 'rouge de fer' (iron red) enamel decoration
5.5 x 10.6 cm
Gift of Mr J.H. Myrtle 1983
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